8 Super-FAST Content Tips for 2014

1. More Visual Content

Just as the wheel of time turns, text-based copy and other articles are giving way to more visual content, like images, graphs, charts, infographics and videos (see below). Make sure the communications you deliver to your customers are a ripe mix of all of these things. Blogs and articles will still be useful for SEO, but customers will want to engage with you through more visual means too.

2. Longer Content

When you do get around to creating text-driven content, longer content that brings extensive value is better. It will have more of a chance of competing with the ocean of content out there. Don’t forget to include images with your articles as well.

3. Talk About Things Others Are Not 

Here’s a classic example: Google announces a new algorithm or algorithm update. Everyone panics – and then everyone uses it as an excuse to create content. There’s nothing wrong with this, but try to find a different angle, provide a solution or simply bring something to light that others might be overlooking. This will set you up as an expert/frontrunner and means that what’s coming from you isn’t just more jibber-jabber on the same topic.

4. SEO & Anchor Text

If you‘ve been overusing keywords/phrases or fattening up your work with tonnes of exact-match anchor text links, it’s time to change tactics. Google has flagged this as a big darn faux pas. Instead, shake up your links with different words and phrasings. Longer anchor text links are better as well.

5. Videos 

Videos are hot. Make one. Ensure it’s professional as hell and that it solves a problem/provides a solution for your customer. Upload it anywhere you can. Podcasts are good too.

6. Personalise Your Content, Seriously 

Go beyond: “Hi, John. Welcome to…” Dig into a little customer segmentation and create definition around your customer groups. Then, create content that directly targets the needs and wants of that group. Offer them something that’s relevant to them specifically, rather than the masses.

7. Socialise More 

Create more posts, tweet more stuff and share more socially in 2014. Run campaigns or comps via your social media pages. Encourage and invite others to interact with you. Ask and answer questions. A greater presence will mean more recognition and growth.

8. Write About Industry Changes 

If something’s going on in your industry or sector, you should be writing or communicating about it. Not for the sake of doing so, but for the sake of sharing your opinion, putting your expertise out there. Sharing your opinions allows you to position yourself as an expert who is on the cusp of your industry and who knows how to embrace and respond to changes and trends.


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