Writing Prompt: The Alphabet Paragraph

A cool writing prompt to kick-start the creativity this new year. This little exercise was taken from one of my favourite books, The Writing Book: A Workbook for Fiction Writers by Kate Grenville.  

The Prompt: “Write a paragraph in which the first word starts as ‘a’, the second word starts with ‘b’ and so on through the alphabet.”

An Argumentative Road Trip 

A breath can demand everything. Floundering, garish, her implications jangle, kiss, lull. Moronic niceties offend. Peter quickens, racing southwards, thoroughly unbeaten. Vivien wants Xanex. Yells zealously.

The Birds   

Abruptly, brave cardinals drowned. Eagles fell. Giant hawks inflicted justice. Kingfishers lost, militant, noble. Owls perished, quietened. River surged, thrashers undulating viciously. Watery xenocides. Yellow-tails zig-zagged.

This task was a lot of fun and a great way to push the brain and vocab. I found that some of it flowed easily while other groups of letters (particularly x, y, z and m, n, o, p) proved more difficult. The toughest challenges were creating a flow between the actions and words and playing around with different nouns/verbs/adjectives/adverbs etc. for each letter.

The coolest thing about this prompt, though, was that I could see a story idea developing out of each. So, my next exercise will be to create a short story out of one of these prompts and see where it takes me.

Would you like to try the alphabet paragraph? 

Simply click ‘leave comment’ below and paste your exercise into the box to share. Would love to hear your thoughts and see your work.



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