Getting Inspired by Travel & Distance


I’ve noticed there is a gap in my blog posts – but thankfully, it’s because I’ve now relocated from Sydney to Seattle.

I’m one of those people who could explore the world forever, and find myself constantly inspired by the things I see and the places I visit.

The mountains of Washington became the mountains in my children’s novel. And the lake and harbour near where I’m living bring to mind the world of a coastal town in another crime story I’m working on.

But can travelling and distance really make you a better writer?

I think so. Because the travelling experience – of the world, of new places, sights and cultures – gives you depth as a person. Which also means more depth as a writer.

The real challenge, at least for me, is to translate that experience in the words, descriptions and actions of my characters.

It’s one thing to set sights on a magnificent snow-capped mountain, it’s another to write about that experience from the point of view of your character so that it creates meaning within the narrative and adds something to the character.

But overall, the lesson here is that it helps.

Travelling can inspire and add to experience, and distance can give you perspective and breath, and all of this works towards making you a more rounded, well-versed and engaging writer.

Here’s hoping my Seattle experience continues to bring me a wealth of words and imagination!

Keen to read more about my adventures in Seattle and the US?

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