Last Darkness, Last Earth – First 3 Chapters Now Live!

Exciting news! The first three chapters (plus the three opening prologues) of my online sci-fi narrative, Last Darkness, Last Earth, are now live!

Here’s an excerpt:

From the black depths of space, they come. Gargantuan ships hovering shapes against the dark haze.

In the night, she watches them from her window. They each remind her of ghosts, big and black in the night sky. They are bigger than she ever imagined, each a world of its own.

These are our saviour ships, Elia, their keeper, tells them. The Federation has come to take them, comfort them, transport them across the galaxy to some station that will keep them safe from the war… (more)

Last Darkness, Last Earth began many years ago, for me, as a creative writing exercise in flash fiction and action-adventure. An earlier version of opening chapter (Chapter 1) was originally published in the Australian speculative fiction magazine, Antipodeon SF.

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!


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