What’s the One Book Ending You Always Remember?

Does the ending the really make the book? I was reading one from the vault on Book Riot and I’m torn.

On one hand, you can have a mind-blowing book with an ending that’s lacking (even if only on a personal level); you enjoy the read, but the ending isn’t quite what you’d hoped.

I experienced this recently when I read Hilary Mantel’s brilliant book, Bring Up the Bodies. I loved every word I read, but the ending left me just a teeny bit unsatisfied (I’m not sure why, will have to go back and analyse more deeply). That said, I’m still desperately looking forward to the third novel.

On the other side of the coin, there are novels that might not be as captivating throughout, but whose endings resonate entirely.

For me, this book is John le Carre’s the Constant Gardener (spoiler alert: you may want to stop here if you ever plan on reading this novel).

The final words of this novel have stayed with me. For a decade, word for word. It left me hanging, it made me think. It put my on the edge of my seat – and then it ended, mid-action. You know exactly what is going to happen to Justin, and yet you don’t know. You can’t know, but you are left to imagine.

I didn’t love the Constant Gardener as a whole. I enjoyed most of the read, but I found the narrative a little long-winded at times, and it is by no means my #1 book.

But the ending in itself is what made the story for me. It’s gritty but magical. Revealing but mysterious. Inevitable, but shocking. Really, everything an ending should be.

I wish I could “republish” it here and now, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

What’s your favourite book ending? The one that’s always stayed with you, that you’ve always remembered?




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