About Me


I hold an MA in Creative Writing and I essentially write all day long – as a copywriter by day, and as a creative fiction writer by night.

In this blog, I explore what it’s like to be a writer — from the concepts and ideas around creative writing to the journeys I take along the way. I look into theories and analyse stories, put my writing thoughts and tips out there and share some of my own fiction writing work.

I write for marketing agencies and content agencies, as well as my own individual clients.

When darkness rolls around, my fiction writing blooms. I’m a passionate genre believer, reader and writer and I’m currently working on two children’s/YA novels and a bundle of radical short stories.


4 Replies to “About Me”

  1. You know, when my short stories got published, it was the best feeling ever, because my books at the time were getting form rejection after form rejection. Hail short stories! 🙂

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