Now Live on Fairy Tale Fantastica: The Sweet House

In the midst of a deep forest, a witch built a house made of bread and cake and sugar.

She knew that children loved sweet things and couldn’t wait for a young girl or boy (or both) to happen upon her sweet home. She lined the windows with candy, covered the steps with gingerbread and even grew flowers that were made of chocolate.

When the house was built, she readied her fire and boiled her water and the next morning, as expected, she woke to see a young girl traipsing through the woods … more


Last Darkness Reaches Chapter 10

“The tunnels shudder. From somewhere outside and above, I hear a roar as the ground explodes. Behind us, the vortex blasts through the passageways, sucking them up, sending rock and sand hurling.”

My online sci-fi novel is now up to Chapter 10 … Yay! Am enjoying the writing ride. You can support me and read the story by clicking on the image:

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Or visiting:

Thank you and happy reading 🙂


Digging Deep to Write Every Day


A writing teacher once told me that the only real way to write, to be a serious writer, is to write every day.

To dedicate yourself to the cause. Working from home makes this goal a lot easier, but there are days when finding that motivation is tough.

But – I’ve learned to “dig deep,” as they say. To write even when I don’t want to, when I don’t feel like it, when I’m tired or even when my creative brain is burning out. How do I (try and) keep writing? I just write something.

Once, I used to work on just one thing, one story at a time. If I got stuck, I would try a writing prompt, but they didn’t ignite my passion in the same way. I tried word-count minimums, schedules and deadlines, but that didn’t keep me motivated either. And it didn’t help much when it came to things like working out character/plot/story problems.

What does work for me, I finally discovered, is having a few different narratives on the go. A literary novel, a speculative short story (or three), a sci-fi/fantasy fiction blog. I kind of rotate between them, so that if I’m not in the right headspace for one, I can least work on the other. Which makes it easier – and more motivating – to write every day.

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My Online Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel is Teaching Me Things

It’s going well so far. I’m really enjoying writing it, treating each ‘chapter’ as a little exercise in flash-ish fiction, and also working out the bigger story picture and how to tell in terms of the characters (probably the part I love most about writing!).

It’s strange how online writing and publishing is completely different to working on novel offline. A few things I’ve learned along the way …

– Writing fiction regularly is tough work! Especially when you’re aiming to publish once a week or so. I always feel like I’m pressed for time and chasing my tail. But maybe that’s because I’m a perfectionist and I want to revise, revise, revise everything a hundred times.

– Publishing the story online, as you write each bit, forces you to think about the bigger picture very early on. At first I had dreams of simply making it up as I went along, but with a complex plot like this, it’s just not possible. And it’s difficult, because I know I won’t be able to go back and revise or change the main storyline or relation/order of events later on.

– What’s better – perfecting or publishing? I wonder a lot. Is it better to just get something out there, even if it’s not perfect? Or is it better polish and perfect before you publish? This is in no means my best fiction or writing work, and naturally I lean towards the latter. But at least it keeps me writing … ! (?)

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet or follow it, you can do so here:

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Last Darkness, Last Earth – First 3 Chapters Now Live!

Exciting news! The first three chapters (plus the three opening prologues) of my online sci-fi narrative, Last Darkness, Last Earth, are now live!

Here’s an excerpt:

From the black depths of space, they come. Gargantuan ships hovering shapes against the dark haze.

In the night, she watches them from her window. They each remind her of ghosts, big and black in the night sky. They are bigger than she ever imagined, each a world of its own.

These are our saviour ships, Elia, their keeper, tells them. The Federation has come to take them, comfort them, transport them across the galaxy to some station that will keep them safe from the war… (more)

Last Darkness, Last Earth began many years ago, for me, as a creative writing exercise in flash fiction and action-adventure. An earlier version of opening chapter (Chapter 1) was originally published in the Australian speculative fiction magazine, Antipodeon SF.

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!

Last Darkness & Fairy Tale Fantastica!

And I’ve been neglecting my blog a little! This isn’t to say, however, that I haven’t been writing. Since last year, I’ve been working adamantly on my novel, Victory of the People (literary crime), as well as a couple of new short stories

And … I’ve successfully launched my two new blogs! They’ve been in the works for a while, and so I’m proud to say they’ve finally gotten off the ground in 2016. Here’s a little more about them:

Last Darkness, Last Earth is an ongoing sci-fi novel with three female heroines. So far, the opening three prologues are up! I’d love some feedback (and follows!), especially if you’re a fiction or sci-fi lover. You can read the first chapter here.

Fairy Tale Fantastica is a blog site dedicated to writings and commentary about fairy tales and fantasy. Check out my lastest posts on the Origins of Cinderella and the Art of Disguise in Fairy Tales.

Thanks for reading!

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