My Writing

By day, I work as a freelance copywriter for various digital/marketing agencies, and other clients, throughout Australia. You can learn more about my copywriting services by visiting

By night, as a creative writer and fiction writer (my true passion), I write novels, short stories, prose pieces and literary critiques. I have a writing mentor and a good network of writers who I like to collaborate with and learn from. 


  • Grab a copy of my book of short stories, The Storms and Other Short Stories! Now available on Amazon and in the iBooks/iTunes store.
  • Check out my online serial fantasy/sci-fi novel, Last Darkness Last Earth.
  • For fairy tale musings, critiques, and fiction, I’m also working on a new blog called Fairy Tale Fantastica.

My other works that have been published online include:

  • The Fiction in Autobiography: Fantasy, Narrative & the Discovery of Truth published at Perilous Adventures
  • 4143 at the James Barnes Review published at – sadly 4143 has now been taken over by The Grounds (groan) but it’s still a cool example of my writing.
  • Bench Bar Review published at – this is one of my fave wine bars to drink at in Newtown

If you’d like to know more about my writing, enquire about my copywriting services or simply chat to me as a fellow writer, please email me at or drop me a note here.

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